THE MAKING OF THE MAN – Dr. Godwin Maduka(MD Pharmd) Founder/CEO Las Vegas Pain Institute And Medical Center. ( LION OF AFRICA, OKOSISI ORUMBA).

Dr. Godwin Maduka(MD Pharmd)

Dr. Godwin Maduka was born and bred in Umuchukwu Orumba South LGA of Anambra State.
He became a palm oil trader while he was still in secondary school. When his father died, life became more difficult and hopeless for him and his siblings. Being a resourceful and focused youth, he had no alternative to survival than to venture into palm oil trade in order to make ends meet. Dr. Maduka as a young boy used to climb palm trees, cut the palm fruits, and manually processed them to get the palm oil to sell at near and distant markets. This he did to see himself and his siblings through their primary and secondary education. 

While growing up, Dr. Maduka was remarkably brilliant hence he effortlessly secured admission to study Medicine at the University of Port Harcourt. Due to financial constraints, he could not proceed with the offer. Nevertheless, by divine providence and through the assistance of a friend, he obtained a scholarship to study at Rust College which covered only half of his tuition. He later got monetary support from his late younger brother and uncle and moved to the United States in 1982.

In 1984, he graduated summa cum laude in Chemistry from Rust College. He immediately secured another scholarship to study Pharmacy at Mercer University and graduated in 1988. After graduation, he worked as a Pharmacy technician, before getting a full scholarship to study Medicine at the University of Tennessee where he completed his internship and graduated in 1993. He proceeded to Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for his post-graduate training and residency in Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Management and graduated in 1997.

Immediately after his education, Dr. Maduka moved to Las Vegas and secured a job where he was paid $8,000 as an advance payment. He worked as an anesthesiologist at Desert Spring United Methodist Hospital, Nevada, and other hospitals before starting his private practice at Red Rock Medical Group, Nevada.  In 1999, he founded Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Center and have expanded the hospital to five more locations in Southern Nevada, United States of America.

He is a clinical faculty supervisor and adjunct Professor of Pain Management and Anesthesiology at Touro University Nevada. He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at UNLV School of Medicine.
To the glory of God, Dr. Godwin Maduka today has a triple professorship in Medical Sciences – He’s a professor of Pain Management, Professor of Anaesthesiology from Touro University, Nevada, and Professor of Surgery.

This was how God raised a man from abject poverty to one of the best and richest African medical doctors in the world.
Dr. Maduka simply ventured into politics due to his strong belief and unyielding determination to play a role in the much-needed transformation of Anambra State into a buoyant and pacesetting economy in Nigeria. This he has done at community levels with least support from the Government. 

The problems of our society demand resourceful leadership with practical solutions, actions, and innovative ideas to do things differently. Fortunately, Dr. Maduka is widely recognized as a visionary and purposeful leader hence our trust in him that he will change things for better.
Prior to now, Dr. Godwin Maduka in his own natural disposition has verifiably demonstrated the good plans he has for Anambra State as contained in his blueprint. This is further proof that his quest to govern Anambra State is simply borne out of honest and altruistic desire to make things better for the masses.
You can agree with me that one of the major reasons why people live in abject poverty today, and why people are languishing in meaningless life is because there is no proper planning by the Government to accommodate people with such challenges.
Dr. Godwin Maduka is contesting to govern Anambra State so that with adequate Government policies, legislations coupled with his wide contacts both locally and internationally, he can give the poor masses a better life.

Source: Statepress

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