Miss Polo International Commences Weekly Distribution Of Food Bags To The Poor

Drowning in thoughts of pity for the vulnerable and most-hit households in the economic wrath, created by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Miss Polo International 2019, Her Majesty, Queen Reyes Dewanti Kumala had commenced a weekly reach out program to provide food items to households in communities across Indonesia. The program which has been ongoing for two weeks had on 9th May 2020 at West Semper, North Jakarta engaged another distribution exercise as the third week of its food items giveaway initiative after the previous one On 30th April 2020 at Kampung Sawah, North Jakarta

Queen Reyes Dewanti Kumala was accompanied by Miss Polo Indonesia Team and her beloved Mother, Ririn Kurniasih, who were affectionately supportive and assisted her in making successful, the distribution of food items to hundreds of less-privileged households, Widows, and orphans, who are faced with serious survival problems.

Speaking shortly after the outreach program carried out at West Semper, North Jakarta community in Indonesia, Queen Reyes noted that it was indeed a success and that over hundreds of households, elderly persons, widows, and orphans across three(3) different locations had benefited from the donations made. She appreciated the entire Miss Polo International team and partners for the donation and thanked the people for accepting the gestures.

Some observers described the donation and outreach exercise as iconic and selfless. One of them applauded Queen Reyes Dewanti Kumala, Miss Polo International 2019 for her actions of selflessness, with regards to the weekly giveaway of bags of food items to orphans, the elderly, widows and other vulnerable persons. She encouraged the people of Indonesia in the spirit of unity and strict adherence to the Covid19 pandemic guideline for safety and precautionary engagements.

As part of commendations received for the benevolence, demonstrated by Queen Reyes Dewanti Kumala through the donation exercise conducted in Indonesia, the founder and President of Miss Polo International Pageant, Ibife Eugene Alufohai, who is also a Nigerian model, philanthropist, and Entrepreneur, had also expressed pride in her conduct and approaches in terms of emergency interventions to assist and support children and the aged population in Indonesia and across the world.

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