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ANGO MEDIA is an Abuja base content creator with the core mandate of fostering a strong and intense warm affection, promoting and projecting humanitarian activities across Africa with unwavering focus on Africa care givers, empowerment, charity organizations and individuals. Duly registered organization with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) that specializes in the wring biographies for private individuals, profiling of organizations, magazine production, radio and television programming. We have seen the need to celebrate the contribution of the CSO/NGOs to the development of Africa; therefore, we present African NGO festival.

African NGO festival is designed as part of our bid to celebrate the achievements of Non-Governmental Organizations in Africa. To create a platform that will foster a unified objective for the general good of mankind. The festival will also showcase the importance of these organizations in improving the lives of improvised Africans through their health, food aids, humanitarian intervention programmes and poverty alleviation schemes. The festival will aim to extol the value of true stewardship in the operations of NGO’s and Civil Societies in Africa.

It is our belief that this festival with the theme “The Birth if Synergy” will provide an opportunity To create a conducive forum for nongovernmental organizations and other relevant stakeholders in the sector to commune and recount their success stories, dialogue on new trends to improve the lives of the improvised and to promote humanitarian development across Africa

ngo festival 2023


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