High Hope as former beauty Queen unveils her NGO.

Queen Esu Florence at a function.

Beauty the wise say “is nothing without brains”. And the brain remains useless if not put to effective use. Setting the pace across all works of life has been what many beauty Queens have continued to do with or without the crown on their head.

This is the trend Queen Esu Florence, the former Queen of Aso has dared to be a part of by unveiling her long awaited Non-Governmental Organization, QUEEN ESU FLORENCE’S FOUNDATION.

Logo of Queen Esu Florence’s Foundation.

Through the NGO and with support from individuals across all works of life, the former beauty queen intends to among other efforts render assistance to youths and less privileged, promote self-reliance through entrepreneurial programs, rehabilitate the vulnerable, promote the protection of child rights and above all promote peace, justice and equity within the society.

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