The Winner of AID Talent Hunt Show, DJ Augustine visits JONAPWD President

One of the famous Abuja based comedian and the promoter of AID Talent Hunt show ( the first all Disability talent hunt show in Nigeria) Nick Bebiem with his team, media partners, winner of the maiden AID Talent Hunt show, DJ Augustine and the runners up DJ Skills on Tuesday visit the President of Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities ( JONAPWD), Ekaete Umoh in her office in Abuja.

DJ Augustine and DJ Skills are blind DJs and instrumentalists whose displays excited the viewers, audience and the judges at the just concluded AID Talent Hunt show.

Nick Bebiem in his speech said that the visit is to officially present the winners of the Talent Hunt show to the President of JONAPWD because it is wise to identify with the major stakeholders within the Disability Community and the President of JONAPWD should be the first pot of call. He also said that the visit is necessary because the show is all about promoting the potentials abound in Persons with disabilities (PWDs).

He thanked Madam President for all her support all through the period of the event, he apologized if there is anywhere the team got things wrong because there were no sponsors for the event so team struggled to put together the show but thank God the show came out good.

He went ahead to introduce the winner DJ Augustine who is a 400 level undergraduate studying Mass Communication and the runners up DJ Skills who is already a graduate of Mass Communication.

Madam Ekaete Umoh in a response described Nick Bebiem as a dogged fighter who conceived this idea with no sponsors but went ahead to put together this amazing show. She acknowledged the achievement of the team and project that sponsors should be jostling to be part of the subsequent editions. She promised to help to seek for opportunities for the winners. She also promised to collaborate with AID Talent Hunt show to apply a grassroot talent hunt to discover more talented persons with disabilities like DJ Augustine and DJ Skills.

Speaking further, she promised that JONAPWD under her leadership will explore all opportunities to promote the winners and ensure the art sustains them.

The art is all about changing the narrative of PWDs can’t do it so JONAPWD sees this talent hunt show as a veritable way of changing the narrative, she added.

DJ Augustine and DJ Skills performed to the admiration of Madam Ekaete Umoh who wondered how blind persons can effectively do DJ work but DJs explained to her how they have mastered their arts using a software known as Visual DJ.

She asked the winner DJ Augustine what would be expected of him going forward. He said that he would be changing the narrative using his art and training and encouraging other persons with disabilities.

Madam Ekaete Umoh also promised to support the proposed band of all the contestants of AID Talent Hunt show because it will help towards their sustainability and economic development because the band will forward promote their arts, they will be playing in many events and that will help in changing the narrative.

TQM learnt that the AID Talent Hunt show Team would be visiting more stakeholders and media outfits to promote the art of these amazing DJs and changing the narrative because PWDs can do it even better than many persons without disabilities.

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