An NGO supports the girl with disability who stuck at home for 17 years with a wheelchair and food items

On 29th December 2020, The Qualitative Magazine TQM published a story of Chinelo Gertrude Agbura who is 17 years old girl that has intellectual disabilities and have been stuck at home due to lack of finance to enroll her in school.

She have not been to school since she was born and she have always been backed by her relations whenever they will go out with her, it have led to keeping her indoors always.

This publication got the attention of Nick Bebiem an Abuja based comedian and the promoter of AID Talent Hunt show ( the first all Disability talent hunt show in Nigeria) and he contacted one of his partners Mrs Adeshola Atanda of Adeshola Atanda Foundation (AAF), who graciously bought a brand new wheelchair on Tuesday 5th January, 2021 and donated it to Chinelo to ease her movement.

The mother of Chinelo Mrs. Chika Agbura could not control her joy, she prayed for Mrs Adeshola Atanda. She narrated her story on how Chinelo became a person with intellectual disability which is not different from what TQM earlier published. She restated that her wish is for Chinelo to be in school this January.

Mrs Adeshola in her speech said that she heard about the story of the girl and decided to come and identify with the family and know what actually is the problem of the girl and see how she can offer her little help. She encouraged Mrs. Chika Agbura to have faith that God will send people of goodwill to assist her daughter to go to school. She promised to continue to visit the family and offer her own little help.

She urged other Nigerians to come to the rescue of Chinelo because she have to start School even though the fees are high. She believes strongly that people of goodwill will locate the family and assist in providing for her education.

She also donated some food items to the family and transfered the sum of N15,000 to Chinelo’s mother to modify the entrance of their house to a ramp to enhance her access to the house using the wheelchair.

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