The New Dawn Online News- TNDOnline News Publisher, Olasunkanmi Oduntan, Wins ‘Most Supportive Media Brand of the Year’ Award

In a remarkable recognition event, “The New Dawn Online News TNDOnline News”  has been awarded the prestigious title of “Most Supportive Media Brand of the Year” by Remo Youth Association (RYA). The accolade was presented at the annual Remo Youth Day, 2023 edition held at Remo North Local Government Area of Ogun State, where TNDOnline News was lauded for its unwavering commitment to fostering positive social change through its diverse range of media initiatives.

Remo Youth Association- RYA is the apex youth body of all youths organizations in Ikenne, Remo North and Sagamu local government areas of Ogun State.

The award signifies TNDOnline News’ outstanding efforts in providing a platform that resonates with the younger generation, addressing their concerns, and promoting positive engagement. Representatives from Remo Youth Association praised the media brand’s innovative approaches and initiatives that have contributed significantly to fostering a supportive environment for the youth.

TNDOnline News’ dedication to amplifying the voices of young people, addressing relevant issues, and promoting inclusivity has set it apart as a beacon of support for the local youth community. The award not only recognizes past achievements but also serves as a testament to the ongoing commitment of TNDOnline News to be a positive force in the lives of the youth.

Upon receiving the award, Olasunkanmi Oduntan, the editor-in-chief of TNDOnline News, expressed gratitude and emphasized the importance of media in shaping perspectives and uplifting the youth. He stated, “This recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication to providing a platform that not only informs but also empowers and supports the aspirations of the youth. Also, this recognition will only fuel our commitment to continue serving as a positive force for change. We are honoured to receive this award and remain committed to being a steadfast ally for the youth in our community.”

The Most Supportive Media Brand of the Year award adds to TNDONLINE NEWS’ growing list of achievements and underscores the impact of responsible and empathetic media in shaping a brighter future for the younger generation.

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