Child Plus Africa: Giving Hope To Indigent Children

Engr. Chikezie Ogaziechi, the Convener of Child Plus Africa, a non-governmental organization based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has reiterated his commitment to upholding the vision and task of taking more ‘out-of-school children’ back to school in the years ahead. He made this statement while addressing the press in a brief interview after the celebration of their seventh anniversary.

Engr. Ogaziechi revealed some of Child Plus Africa’s achievements in the past seven years, which include, among others, the successful enrollment of over 100 indigent children in their free education program, some of whom are now pursuing undergraduate studies in Nigerian universities. The scholarships given to these less privileged children have rekindled their hope for a brighter future and have also brought joy to their parents.

Engr. Ogaziechi’s motivation for taking on the burden of other people is his passion and desire for a better society. This has been his driving force for all the selfless humanitarian services over the past seven years. He has reaffirmed his commitment to lifting up families by providing free education to children whose parents are unable to afford a Western education due to current economic realities in the country. He assured that in the years to come, Child Plus Africa will be the major hub for indigent children as they work to double their capacity to enable more pupils to benefit from their free education program.


Engr. Chikezie Ogaziechi, no doubt, is a born philanthropist who has genuinely dedicated his time and resources to helping the poor masses in society. His track record in the past seven years speaks volumes. This has distinguished him as a man with a golden heart. Many families have found solace in Child Plus Africa’s mission, which has become a sure haven for indigent children in Nigeria today. Having attained this tremendous feat in a few years, Child Plus Africa has undoubtedly become the nest and nectar of hope for the poor in society, and they have, in turn, earned confidence and trust as a worthy humanitarian organization in Africa.


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