Tanzania’s NGO calls for efforts to save endangered grey-crowned cranes

Nature Tanzania, a non-government organization in Tanzania that aims to support biodiversity conservation and human development, on Monday called for efforts to preserve the endangered grey-crowned cranes that are at risk of localized extinction.

Noting that the birds are important tourist attractions, the organization said that they face the threat of localized extinction due to habitat loss, illegal capture for food, and wanton killing by farmers.

Leonidas Momburi, Nature Tanzania project officer for the Conservation of Grey Crowned Crane, told journalists that records show grey-crowned cranes are among endangered species worldwide, including Tanzania. He said globally, grey-crowned cranes are only found in East Africa and South Africa.

“According to studies, including those conducted by Nature Tanzania in the area bordering the countries of Rwanda and Uganda in the Kagera Region, Tanzania has a small number of such birds compared to neighboring countries that took early measures to protect them,” Momburi said.

Nature Tanzania aims to carry out the conservation project for grey-crowned cranes in the entire northwestern Tanzania, but due to limited funds, they are currently only implementing the project in Kyerwa district, he added.

Momburi explained that Nature Tanzania is closely monitoring the development of the birds from their nests to determine the number of eggs laid and the hatchlings released, aiming to ascertain their total population. 

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