Nana Adjoa Hackman launches NGO “Drive to Inspire – Africa”

The managing partner and co-founder of the full-service and corporate law firm Africa Legal Associates (ALA), Nana Adjoa Hackman Otchere-Darko, together with its team, has officially launched Drive to Inspire – Africa, a non-governmental organisation with the overarching objective of motivating and challenging teenagers and young adults (especially girls) to reach their God-given potential.

“We are proud to announce the launch of Drive to Inspire – Africa, a non-governmental organisation that seeks to inspire and mentor teenagers and young adults, especially girls, to get them to aim high, while assisting them with opportunities that allow them to reach their potential and become real assets to their homes, communities and countries,” the NGO said on its Facebook wall after the official launch.

“We are seeking students and schools to join our mentoring, scholarship, career guidance and school visit programmes. We are also looking for individuals, businesses, and international companies who are interested in joining us as volunteers, donors and partners,” the post further said.


Shedding light on her motivation for establishing Drive to Inspire – Africa during an online event to launch DTI-A on Sunday 4 February 2024, Nana Adjoa Otchere-Darko said: “A few years ago, while developing our website for Africa Legal Associates, I sought to capture in words the purpose of our firm.

“The message I crafted, which can still be read on our website, ended in these words, ‘A firm that is exceptional in serving our clients and community, impactful in the development of Africa, and one that certainly outlives us …’ Over the years, these words have come alive in a very significant way.

“So it is, that just a week after we brought down the curtain on the Africa Prosperity Dialogues 2024, I am thrilled to announce the launch of a charitable venture I have been working on developing for the last nine months: Drive to Inspire – Africa!” Nana Adjoa Otchere-Darko wrote.

Nana Adjoa Hackman Otchere-Darko (back to camera) interacts with students

“In the last few years, I have been lucky enough to speak at several schools and institutions, where I have been amazed by the amount of talent, energy and potential in our youth. Drive to Inspire – Africa – or DTI-A – is on a mission to harness this talent by offering opportunities to help young people reach their potential through school outreach, mentorship, career guidance and scholarships,” the lawyer added.

“At DTI-A, we truly believe that, with the right guidance and encouragement, we can empower our young people to be agents of change to transform Africa for the better,” Nana Adjoa Hackman Otchere-Darko further said.

Nana Adjoa Hackman Otchere-Darko engages girl students at a senior high school


Taking to his Facebook wall to congratulate the co-founder of his law firm, the senior partner and co-founder of ALA, Gabby Otchere-Darko, said: “Excellent initiative by Nana Adjoa Hackman Otchere-Darko and the team to help young people to: (1) not be afraid to dream, (2) to inspire and guide them to pursue that dream, (3) to support them in overcoming roadblocks in their drive towards their goals.

“Wishing the Drive to Inspire – Africa team the best in this very worthy cause. You may not be able to prepare a future for the youth, but you sure can prepare a youth for the future,” Otchere-Darko wrote, in support of the initiative.

The DTI-A team

The governing board of Drive to Inspire – Africa is chaired by Nana Adjoa Hackman Otchere-Darko.

The other directors are Mansa Williams and Egyirba Walker-Arthur.

On the team’s staff are Robert Asante Agyare and Anna Nyarko Adjaloo.

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