Shea Sustainability: US Govt, NGO Rallies Stakeholders To Action @ ‘Shea 2024’

In a resounding call to action, the United States government and key non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have urged stakeholders in the shea industry to join forces for sustainability.

This imperative directive is echoed at the annual conference, Shea 2024, hosted in collaboration with the Global Shea Alliance (GSA).
Under the compelling theme, ‘Bridging the Gap,’ the conference highlights the urgency to narrow the divide between the shea industry’s visionary goals and the imperative for tangible action. With Nigeria at the forefront as a potential hub for shea production, processing and innovation in West Africa, the conference serves as a rallying point to address challenges hindering market expansion, ensure supply stability, manage resources, adapt to climate changes and empower women economically.President of the Global Shea Alliance, Mamatou Djaffo extended a passionate plea for stakeholder involvement. “At Shea 2024, discussions will concentrate on park land management, resource conservation, women’s economic empowerment, youth involvement, digitalisation strategies and effective trade policies. We implore stakeholders to actively participate and be catalysts for positive change in the shea value chain.”
The overarching goal of the conference is to galvanise stakeholders to:Identify barriers by scrutinising challenges such as insufficient investment, weak policy frameworks, and social inequalities hindering the industry’s progress toward sustainability; Share success stories by spotlighting initiatives that successfully bridge the gap between the industry’s vision and present reality, emphasising lessons learned and best practices and promote collaboration by fostering partnerships among governments, NGOs, businesses and local communities to align efforts and resources toward sustainable shea practices.
Anticipated to draw over 500 participants, this three-day event will feature presentations from industry professionals on the outlined themes.U.S. Chargé d’Affaires, David Greene, representing the United States government, issued a compelling call to stakeholders to “Support the Global Shea Alliance through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Join us in our recent investment of over $8 million under the Sustainable Shea Initiative, specifically aimed at supporting the shea industry. Act now to enhance the economic landscape and advance women’s economic empowerment.”

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