President Muhammdu Buhari conferred National Honours on 447 Nigerians and foreign nationals who have distinguished themselves in various fields contributing to the nation’s growth and development.

The award investiture ceremony was held at the International Conference Centre (ICC) Abuja on Tuesday where eminent figures including Former Director-General of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP) 2017 – 2020. Dame, Julie  ENIEKEDO DoNli who is currently the Chairperson Board of Trustee United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking leading and supervising the development of the board and ensuring its decisions are implemented. Also the Executive Chairman of Roost Foundation coordinating operations and overseeing the organization.

She was the Principal Partner for Legal Field & Co. and the Company Secretary and Legal Adviser to the Nigerian Capital Market, where she played an advisory and supervisory roles.

She was also Company Manager to the Nigerian Securities & Exchange Commission where she showed her managerial qualities.


1.11th European Development Fund (EDF) Project titled “Action against Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants (A-TIPSOM), implemented by the Foundation for International and Ibero-America Public Policies (FIIAPP) – Operative Focal Person.

Outcomes: Capacity building of investigators and prosecutors.

2.Strengthening Policy Framework and Response to Human Trafficking in  Nigeria, (2019-2020) sponsored by Swiss Embassy and implemented by UNODC –   Lead.

      Outcomes: Review of the National Policy on Protection and assistance to  trafficked persons

3.Preventing Forced Migration and Trafficking of Women and Children in Nigeria: Build Resilience, Promote Sustainable Development (NAPTIP Gender Policy) sponsored by UN Women – project Lead.

Outcomes: There is a Gender Unit now established and there is integration of gender mainstreaming in NAPTIP structures activities and programming.

4.with the support of partners like the International Organization for Migration  

  (IOM) United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Exparties France  and others, embarked on the Inauguration of State Task Forces on Human  Trafficking.  

         Outcomes: Deepened sub-national support in the fight against human  trafficking

5.Conluded work with the Nigeria Educational Research and  development Council (NERDC) on the infusion of trafficking in persons issues into the curricula of Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria.

          Outcomes: Infusion of human trafficking studies in the basic education  curriculum

6.Evacuation of thousands of stranded victims of human trafficking and irregular migration from Libya, Mali and

          Outcome: Adequate rehabilitation and dignified return of  irregular migrants.

7.Joint operations with the British Police at the Heathrow and Gatwick Airports respectively.

 Outcome: Improved partnership and skills of investigators to identify and   intercept incidences of human trafficking

8.Presentation at the plenary of the ECOWAS Parliament on the need for  collective regional efforts to curb the human trafficking menace.

 Outcome: Engendered a sub region response to human trafficking within the ECOWAS community.

9.Development of the ireport app which can be downloaded from the Apple and Google stores to report cases of human trafficking real time.

           Outcome: Engaged victims to report cases of human trafficking real-time


Fellow Institute of Chartered  Secretaries And Administrators International (FCIS)​​​​​                         12th March, 2014

Associate, Charted Arbitrators of Nigeria (ACArb)     15th June, 2010

Fellow Certified Institute of Auctioneers (FCAI) 19th April, 2016


Nigerian Bar Association                                              

International Bar Association.

Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria.

Institute of Chartered Arbitrators of Nigeria.

The Certified Institute of Auctioneers

International Federation of Women Lawyers(FIDA)    

With the above record, indeed the National honor is well deserved. Congratulations

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