Zambia shut schools for additional three weeks amid Cholera surge

Schools in Zambia will remain closed for an additional three weeks to avoid the spread of Cholera which has already claimed over 128 lives.

According to Zambia’s National Institute of Public Health, 3,757 cholera cases and 128 deaths have been reported since October 2023, with particular alarm over the outbreak’s progression in the capital Lusaka.

Schools were officially scheduled to reopen on January 8, 2024 but the ministry of education announced that both primary and secondary students will now resume January 29.

Zambia’s education minister has issued directives to ensure the safety of students and staff upon their return.

The minister emphasised the need for a thorough cleaning of all learning institutions, provision of clean water and sanitation facilities, installation of adequate handwashing points, and the availability of disinfectants.

This proactive approach aims to mitigate the risk of further cholera transmission within educational settings, prioritizing the health and well-being of the student population.

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