Why Kaduna flooding has persisted—NGO

An NGO, Safety Awareness and Environmental Support Initiative (SAESI), has attributed flooding and poor refuse evacuation to non-compliance with building regulations in Kaduna State.

Mr Yahaya Mohammed, Controller General of SAESI, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna on Friday.

He said that many structures were erected on drainage and in flood-prone areas due to the compromise by some supervising agencies.

“ Now we have flood every year because some people built their houses on waterways causing destruction of lives and property“

He reiterated his support for the state government’s efforts at recovery of land and demolition of illegal structures in the state

“ We are supporting the governor on his urban renewal campaign to recover land for expansion of basic infrastructure,“ he said.

He said that overpopulation aggravated by migration has also caused shortage of land to create refuse disposal points for residents.

Yahaya advised that with proper planning designated refuse points could be provided for residents to avoid dumping of refuse in waterways.

“Refuse disposal points should be located at least between two streets in every area and to ensure regular evacuation, “ he said

He said that sachet water manufacturers should be properly taxed to facilitate special evacuation of sachet water packs.

The controller called on residents to support government by ensuring that their drainage was regularly cleared to prevent outbreak of diseases and flooding.

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