Washington, NGOs, pundits congratulate Morocco on election to Presidency of UNHRC

The United States has congratulated Morocco on its election to the Presidency of the UN Human Rights Council for 2024, while committing to strengthening bilateral cooperation for the sake of the promotion of human rights in the world.

“My heartfelt congratulations to Morocco and Ambassador Omar Zniber after being elected President of the UNHRC in 2024,” said U.S. Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Michèle Taylor in a post on X.

In this tweet, relayed by the office of the State Department spokesperson in Washington, the U.S. diplomat expressed her country’s commitment to continuing to work with Morocco to promote human rights worldwide.

“We are excited to partner in our mutual endeavor to strengthen human rights worldwide. United, we can forge a path towards universal respect and equality, she stated in a post illustrated by the flags of the two countries as a sign of centuries-old friendship uniting Morocco and the United States.

Morocco was elected to the post after it gained 30 votes of the 47 members of the Council. South Africa, which was also biding for the Council’s presidency, obtained 17 votes.

Morocco’s election, for the first time in its history, to the presidency of this prestigious UN body, is recognition by the international community of the farsighted vision spearheaded by King Mohammed VI for the promotion and protection of human rights, said the Moroccan foreign ministry in a press release.

Morocco is committed to consolidating democracy, gender equality, social and territorial justice, human rights culture, inclusive development, and youth empowerment.

Morocco on Wednesday secured the Presidency of the United Nations Human Rights Council for 2024 in a vote held in Geneva, receiving support from 30 out of the 47 council members.

Morocco’s election is an international recognition of its constructive approach and its unifying leadership on key issues such as interfaith dialogue, tolerance and the fight against racial hatred, the right to a healthy and sustainable environment as well as migrants’ rights

Several international NGOs and pundits as well as regional organizations have welcomed Morocco’s election to the presidency of the UNHRC, deeming this election will strengthen the balance of the UN body in a very tense global climate.

Morocco’s election to the helm of the UNHRC is also seen as a recognition of the main guidelines enshrined in the Moroccan Constitution adopted in 2011, regarding the rule of law and respect for human rights.

“Today’s vote was an important milestone, because it reflected international recognition of the very real progress that Morocco has made in recent years on the human rights front, from expanding prosperity to safeguarding the freedoms,” said vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council Ilan Berman.

Morocco’s trajectory is all the more notable because it runs counter to what we are seeing in many regions, where radicalism and intolerant forces are on the rise, Berman said, noting that Morocco will lead the HRC in a more constructive, inclusive direction based on a vision of moderation that is much needed in today’s divisive world.

The Spanish Association for International Cooperation commented that by supporting Morocco’s candidacy to chair the UN Human Rights Council for 2024, the international community expresses its “admiration” for the “unshakeable choice” of the Kingdom, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, in favor of the preservation and promotion of human rights.

Morocco’s election (…) reaffirms the confidence and credibility enjoyed by Morocco’s foreign action in Africa and on the international stage,” Inmaculada Ocaña, president of the Seville-based NGO said.

The overwhelming election of Morocco to the Presidency of the UNHRC for 2024, is “a recognition of the Kingdom’s African and global position” in “respecting and promoting human rights,” President of the International Francophone Press Union Madiambal Diagne, said.

Speaker of the Arab Parliament Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Assoumi viewed Morocco’s election as an international success which reflects the Kingdom’s position as a regional and international leader, and constitutes the crowning achievement of the wise policies carried out by the Kingdom to consolidate rights and freedoms.

This election confirms the importance that the Kingdom attaches to human rights in achieving sustainable development and reflects its tireless efforts at the regional and international levels, as well as its consistent approach to cooperation with the United Nations and its various bodies to address all the challenges facing the international community and build a more prosperous future for all countries and people around the world, Al-Assoumi noted in a statement.

He underlined that Morocco will be a strong voice to defend human rights issues in Arab countries at the United Nations, and that this election represents a qualitative addition to Arab diplomacy at the international level, adding that Morocco, as President of the UNHRC, will play its role in promoting and protecting human rights, strengthening cooperation efforts and constructive dialogue, and consolidating partnerships between countries.

The Arab Human Rights Committee said in a statement that Morocco’s election reflects the international community’s trust in the kingdom’s capacity to lead efforts aimed at promoting and protecting human rights.

This election also reflects Morocco’s prime position in human rights, as well as its commitment to consolidating human rights principles nationally, regionally and internationally, and confirms the Kingdom’s contributions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the Committee underlined.

Chairman of the Arab Permanent Committee on Human Rights, Talal Khalid Al Mutairi, said in this connection that as president of the UNHRC, Morocco will play a key role in leading this prestigious UN body to achieve new goals for the international human rights system.

This election undoubtedly confirms the international community’s trust in the Kingdom and its high-level executives to “lead this council and achieve objectives of which we can be proud as an Arab group” Al Mutairi, who is also Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the Arab League, said, expressing the Committee’s support for the efforts that Morocco will deploy during its UNHRC presidency, especially since the issue of human rights requires an expanded dialogue on the protection and promotion of these rights, particularly following the dysfunctions which have hampered the human rights system to enforce international laws.

Morocco’s election “guarantees respect for diversity and for those who think differently and who, all over the world, defend and protect human rights,” President of the Latin American NGO “Human Rights Without Borders,” Juan Moraga, said.

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