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 Laura Di Franco, CEO of Brave Healer Productions, is proud to announce the release of Brave Kids: Short Stories to Inspire Our Future World-Changers, Vol. 2the sixth title from its Brave Kids Books division and the follow-up to the first short story book it published last year.

Di Franco says, “Both our returning authors and our new ones came together from all over the globe with a special energy and mission to inspire our future world-changers. Allow this magic and intention to delight, transport, and transform you.”

Indeed, 12 of the 24 writers in the short story collection are back. In addition to returning editor K. J. Kaschula, second-time contributors include Dr. Shelley Astrof, Kelly Daugherty, Susan Ernst, Samara Ena Minichiello, Dr. Heidi MacAlpine, Dr. Pamela J. Pine, Janice Pratt, N.S. Shakti, Meredith Speir, Susan Thompson, and Lorie Weed.

They are joined by new contributors Rose Aehle, Indya J. Clark, Carrie Freshour, Dr. George Garcia, Terri Hawke, MJ Luna, Dr. Charleen M. Michel, Cedric Nwafor, Eileen Poniński, TJ STAR, Timothy Stuetz, and Atlantis Wolf.

Meant to be read by parents with their children and utilizing fanciful characters like mango-loving crocodiles, dragons, and mermaids, the book contains stories that tackle a variety of common childhood concerns. Among them are dealing with mean kids, navigating grief, learning to trust their instincts, and standing up for what they believe in.

Di Franco points out that a portion of the new book’s first quarter profits will be donated to ROOTS Africa, an international NGO committed to ending world hunger and poverty in Africa.

Praise for Brave Kids Vol. 2

“This captivating piece brings together a remarkable group of writers, each an expert in their own right, whose stories weave together into a cohesive theme of bravery. It’s a celebration of the courage it takes to face our fears, whether as children or adults and push forward regardless.” – Cedric Nwafor, co-founder. ROOTS Africa

“Of all the gifts we can offer our children, the greatest, yet most challenging, is that of resilience. Brave Kids, Vol. 2 subtly weaves this invaluable trait into its stories, instilling in young minds the power to overcome obstacles, amplifying their inner strength.” – Derek Strokon, CEO, Soul Summit Ventures and international best-selling author

“As an advocate for the defenseless and vulnerable, it’s my hope this book finds its way into many hands. Each story has a unique way to summon that inner strength that’s bursting to be released.” — Bridget Brewster, co-founder, Agape International Missions

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