US-based NGO Gives Liberian Orphans Smiles … Promises To Do More

Kids at the Hosanna Children’s Foundation, whose administrators prefer to refer to as “treasure kids”, over the weekend benefited from a donation of assorted items to enhance their upkeep and well-being, by the US-based non-governmental organization – Serious Relationship Association (SRA).

The Hosanna Children’s Foundation, based in the Coffee Farm Block-B community in Mount Barclay, Louisiana, District #1, Montserrado County, operates an orphanage catering to more than 200 disadvantaged kids who need assistance intervention from all well-meaning individuals. The SRA donation which included toiletries, laundry soap, detergents, and food items were made available by the global President and CEO of the community empowerment organization; Serious Relationship Association in commemoration of his Birthday on September 1, 2022.

The weekend donation, according to SRA Boss, Patrick Sunny Wolo, was not more about celebrating his Birthday, but was essentially required to send a message of assurance to underprivileged Liberian children that their conditions should not be seen as pitiful, but “full of a living hope that assures them [Orphans] of a bright and prosperous future that’s not distant”. Mr. Wolo told the administration of the Hosanna Children’s Foundation that he was glad that after a careful fact-finding exercise, they emerged as a legit care-giver institution that’s positively impacting the lives of Liberian kids on the margins of society. He promised to work with them in other areas of need as a means of augmenting their patriotic efforts. The Serious Relationship Association which has branches in 18 countries globally, channeled its donation to the Mount Barclay orphanage through the Liberia chapter, represented by a huge delegation of officials.

Warmly receiving the donated items, Solomon Godfrey who heads the Hosanna Children’s Foundation as Executive Director, lauded the America-based non-governmental organization for “touching the hearts of my children during this crucial time of need”. Mr. Godfrey intoned that since his establishment of the orphanage to give hope to the needy, the SRA headed by Mr. Patrick Sunny Wolo, is the first to identify with his efforts. He said, the items will be used for the purpose intended and expressed optimism that the SRA will remain engaged with his programs and activities to give a deserving future to the “treasure kids” he’s catering to. The Hosanna orphanage’s Executive Director at the same time, seized the moment to unveil a school building project to the SRA officials, which he envisaged when constructed, aims to provide a 5-year tuition free educational service to the “treasure kids” at the orphanage, and the Mount Barclay community as well. Responding, SRA officials representing the President, Patrick Sunny Wolo, promised to give the proposal a careful review and revert to his administration as soon as possible.

The Serious Relationship Association observes its first establishment anniversary on November 21, 2022, and, according to the Founder, Patrick Sunny Wolo, donations will be made to other Orphans during the celebrations. He assured the Monrovia City Government that his organization remains committed to bolstering the efforts of the MCC to keep Monrovia clean and green, and as well assist in providing modern Bus Stops across Monrovia.

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