UBA Foundation Celebrates the International Day of the African Child with the Read Africa Initiative

Every year, the UBA Foundation joins the rest of the world to celebrate the International Day of the African Child on the 16th of June. One of the ways we do this is through the UBA Foundation’s Read Africa Initiative, which is carried out across major regions in Africa.

To this end, the UBA Foundation, throughout the month of June, visited several schools and conducted several Read Africa initiatives, donating books and other items to schools and orphanages in various African countries. Below are the beneficiaries.

Benin Republic: The UBA Foundation paid a visit to the Complexe Scolaire Catholique d’Agatogbo on June 2, 2023, as part of activities to mark this important day. UBA Benin’s MCC Head, Didier Sourou, who led the team, explained to the students that the Foundation remains committed to improving lives in the societies in which it operates by creating dynamic educational platforms for future generations. He also advised them on the importance of taking reading seriously, as the future of Africa depends on the youth.

Cameroon: The UBA Foundation celebrated the event with Trinity Foundation Orphanage, Douala. The foundation did not only have a reading session with the children but also donated food items and gifts. During the reading activity, UBA’s Head of Corporate Communications in Cameroon, Fointama Beizia, emphasised the positives of learning how to read and how it exposes readers to the world.

Mali: The UBA Foundation donated over 1,000 free copies of Maryse Condé’s book “Ségou, Les Murailles de Terre” to three schools: Ecole Fondamentale de Badalabougou, Ecole Amadou Sow in Hamdallaye, and Dianguina Coulibaly School Group in Lafiabougou.

Zambia: Hundreds of African literature books were donated to Kabulonga Boys Secondary School. The event was covered by multiple media outlets (Times of Zambia Newspaper, Phoenix FM, Hot FM, Millennium FM, QFM/QTV, and Daily Nation Newspaper).

Tanzania: UBA Foundation Tanzania visited Edmund Rice Sinoni Secondary School with over 1,000 students, where the team had the privilege of interacting with students and giving back to society. In support of their education, the Arusha branch donated a collection of literature books to the school with a focus on broadening their horizons and encouraging a love for reading.

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