Twelve Million Face Acute Hunger in Sudan

Almost 12 million people – a quarter of Sudan’s population – are currently estimated to be facing acute hunger. According to aid agencies, that number could reach up to 18 million as the “lean season” ends this month which is double the figure recorded in 2021. Economic and political disorder worsened by an October 2021 coup are contributing to the high levels of need. But conflict, climate shocks, and an exploitative political economy that has long generated hunger are also driving the crisis.

The deteriorating humanitarian situation comes three years after protests led to the downfall of former president Omar al-Bashir. Al-Bashir was replaced by a transitional civilian-military government, which sought debt relief and new funding streams. But appeasing international creditors required adjustments that drove severe inflation, including subsidy cuts for fuel and wheat.

The situation worsened when army generals ousted their civilian counterparts in 2021 – a takeover that protesters are still fighting to overturn. International assistance programmes were frozen, and living standards fell further.

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