Transform Africa Tackling Poverty, Empowering Local Communities in Africa

Transform Africa is a UK registered Charity which supports local organisations in Africa and the communities they work with to take a lead in bringing about sustainable social and economic improvements within their communities.      

Our focus areas:
  1. Water and Sanitation
  2. Livelihoods, including mainstreaming of environmental protection
  3. HIV and Health
  4. Youth Training for Employment

We believe that poverty in Africa is mainly caused by poor leadership and aspects of cultural and religious beliefs, attitudes and practices that act as barriers to sustainable development.

Therefore Transform Africa empowers the most affected groups, especially women, youths and people with disabilities to challenge those aspects and come up with solutions for achieving positive changes.

Furthermore we use a combination of community-driven approach lobbying and advocacy to empower poor communities and disadvantaged groups, especially women and young people to realise sustainable improvements in the quality of their lives.


Annual Report

Click the following link to read our Annual Report 2018-2019.


Transform Africa is raising money through GlobalGiving for a project in rural Uganda. The aim of the project is to alleviate rural poverty and water-related ill-health. It will be located in Busimbi, Mityana District and Kitenga, Mubende District in Uganda. The project will benefit about 3,000 people through increased access to safe, clean water.


The project aims to alleviate rural poverty and water-related ill-health in Mityana and Mubende Districts in Uganda. The project will benefit about 6,000 people through increased access to clean water, better sanitation and agricultural production. This will be achieved by providing low cost manually constructed boreholes, hand-dug wells with pumps, and training community members in environmental health. As a result rural communities will have a better quality of life and greater productivity.

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Many people living in the two districts still get water from shallow wells and streams that dry out in the dry season, which leads to water borne diseases. Women and children have to walk long distances and children, especially girls, wake up early to fetch water. This affects their school performance and can lead to physical and sexual abuse on the way, and accidents. The project will construct water boreholes which will significantly improve access to clean and safe water for the communities.


The project will construct water boreholes and hand-dug wells (with hand-pumps) for 6,000 rural beneficiaries, support water-point maintenance committees, and train 6,000 people in hygiene and sanitation. It will also train local artisans to fabricate tools and materials for constructing wells and boreholes. These activities will ensure that communities have clean and safe water, that boreholes continue to be operational, and that wells and boreholes are in hygienic conditions.

Long-Term Impact

The provision of boreholes will lead to a significant reduction in water borne diseases, improvement in the safety of women and girls, and an increase in children’s school performance. It will also lead to increases in livestock and agricultural production which will improve nutrition and incomes of beneficiaries. Women will have time for more profitable activities. The training of local artisans and the availability of local materials will ensure that the impact of the project is sustainable.

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