To be a pillar for African Youth Development

Our History

Since 2010, we have vigorously pursued our aim of helping Africa discover young leaders who would use their potential to build a rewarding political, social and economic space for the continent, meeting our target one community at a time. We have done this by initiating various programs and youth-driven response mechanisms in states across Nigeria and beyond. More-so, we are joining efforts with other youth organizations across the world to lend our voices on issues of growing concern, and to foster knowledge sharing. Presently, we are deepening our relationship with organizations working within the UN/AU Framework and Charter on Youth, to ensure compliance, and timely implementation of Plan(s) of Action, as we seek to accelerate the repositioning of African youth in alignment with 21st century opportunities.

Our Values

Never has there been a period in history when young Africans are taking part in the responsibility of shared leadership like now. With bold actions translating to groundbreaking results, young Africans have brought the continent to a point of emergence and reckoning.

With the Not-Too-Young bill from Nigeria, Sylabs from Algeria, African Youth Movement in Tunisia, DNA from South Africa, to Farmerline in Ghana, it is safe to say YOUTH ARE THE FUTURE OF AFRICA.

The resolve to DRIVE Africa’s transformation is largely a reflection of common traits shared by African youth which informed our values at YiSHDA: Dedicated, Resilient & Resourceful, Innovative, Visionary and, Enterprising (DRIVE).

Operational Strategies

Our twin operational strategies revolve around the overall priorities of YiSHDA for the period 2017-2021 and, 2020-2030. The former is a strategic plan, and framework for the next five (5) years. It provide guidance for program formulation and prioritization, while the latter is an evolving plan that seeks to address the conceptualization of a strategic framework for “Youth Ownership of Agenda 2063.”

We are primarily focused on playing a crucial role as curating flagship platforms to foster youth inclusion on the margins of Africa’s emergence. Click to download. Click to download YiSHDA Strategic Plan 2017-2021

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