“The Pride of Serving Communities” “Toilet My Job”

My name is Valentino Ngabirano  I am 26 year old.  I am a youth who has sought for ways to make my life bette rand now I am  a self-motivated mansion.

I am also  a youth leader  in my  community of Masaka ward, Kamwenge Town Council Kamwenge District. As a young man  I took on responsibilities to support and care for 2 cousins brothers.

I am among theyouth who were introduced to the FINISH Mondail Program  in my district,  I was very excited becuase  in my community all our Toilets were make shift  structures  .  When the program team invited me  tob e oriented about the program I signed up  to construct the first  proper toilet in my  home.

My background in Education is in construction and I am a Manson by profession.  However, when the Program team came to my community in Masaka Ward,  my peers identified me as someone with skills in construction.  However, I had never constructed a Proper Tiolet  however i agreed to take on training and then start with the construction of my own toilet

Having acquired more skills in the construction of improved toilets and sanitation marketing skills, I never sat back I decided to join the Finish Mondail team in marketing and construction of improved toilets as a way of giving back to his community. I started with  construction of my own toilet that served as a demonstration to the community.

When the community members saw the propertly constructed toilet  I have built and also learnt of the  low cost involved many approached me and I  have been hired to construct toilets for various community members.

Todate I have finished my own toilet  and have also constructed ….. toilets in the community  at a fee which has boosted my income  and now i can comfortabily take care of my responsibility

To pay back my community, I offered on job training opportunities to any interested youths. Currently  a  total of 7 youths registered and  I started working with them on site  where they  are serving as potters  which gives them an opportunity to  get practical skills  that will contribute tot heir income since they are being trained but also getting paid for the work they are doing .

Todate, Valentino has directly touched lives of 572 (565 people with access to improved toilets and 7 masons of whom 2 are females). 

From the earnings  of  the toilets he has  constructed , Valentine has been able to construct a permanent house for his family something he is very proud of.

“I am so happy that FINISH ±Mondail Program  came to Kamwenge, it has changed my life and my family. I  can now pay school fees for my 2 cousin brothers on time not as before when I had to wait for a  harvesting  season”.

The main lesson learned from Valentine is the spirit of giving back to community. Having acquired the skills at no cost, Valentine opted to replicate the acquired skills by offering on job training to the 7 youths. He is also offering the service at a subsided rate affordable to the community.

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