The Foundations Of Youth Empowerment: Education And Employment – IYF’s Skills Development Initiatives Cultivate Youth Potential

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) has developed internationally benchmarked and effective programmes that address youth employability challenges by providing sustainable opportunities for Africa’s youth.

Driven by the idea of active and inclusive learning, IYF’s Skills for Life programme, supported by the Embassy of Ireland and the De Beers Group, is dedicated to providing foundational interpersonal skills that promote educational equity. Racism, homophobia and misogyny remain omnipresent hurdles in the quest for socio-economic equality. It is for this reason that Skills for Life equips youth with an understanding of diversity and the importance thereof.

This, often unintentional, intolerance is something that Skills for Life addresses. We cannot effectively grow and learn if we don’t understand the fundamental nuances of human difference, and IYF’s programme is addressing this void by providing students with the Skills for Life required to enhance their growth from enlightened learner to inspired worker.

In partnership with the Department of Higher Education and Training, working in TVET colleges across South Africa, Skills for Life provides lecturers with the tools and training to better equip learners with fundamental life skills and enhanced technical teaching and learning.

Additionally, IYF’s Skills for Success initiative, in partnership with Google, is affording young people in Africa the opportunity to complete the internationally recognised Google IT Professional Certificate, with the objective of further growing Africa’s rapidly expanding technology industry and the advent of the 4th industrial revolution.

This Youth Month, the Skills for Success programme is celebrating its first cohort of 192 graduates – an outstanding achievement that has led to a continued partnership with Google. Based on this resounding success, the global tech giant continues to support the programme.

IYF can confidently celebrate Youth Month as they continue to actively partner with educational entities and industry with the ultimate goal of creating a more holistically balanced youth workforce.

Our youth are the leaders that will determine the transformation of, not only South Africa, but the global paradigm. The best way to support our youth is by investing in them. IYF’s programmes include sustainable and streamlined initiatives designed to fast-track future changemakers, visionaries and disruptors.

Learning is an active experience. And IYF is committed to ensuring it has a positive outcome.

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