The Beast Foundation launches transformative pan-African female-focused leadership and education initiative, Lead Like a Girl

Durban, South Africa, 13 February 2024:  The Beast Foundation, in collaboration with Elyseum Family Office (Elyseum), is pleased to announce the launch of the Lead Like a Girl programme aimed at empowering young women from underprivileged contexts in South Africa and Zimbabwe, providing them with opportunities to realise their full potential.

Arising from a partnership established in July 2023 between The Beast Foundation and Elyseum, this visionary programme is geared towards creating a brighter future by fostering leaderships skills and generating opportunities for success among younger women in marginalised communities.

Recognising the disparities in educational resources, Lead Like a Girl offers a well-rounded environment with expert mentorship and leadership development for young women. Structured around five core pillars, Lead Like a Girl encompasses crucial aspects such as schooling support (including tuition, boarding fees, textbooks, and learning materials), annual leadership camps, inter-African country visits, ongoing mentorship, and a dedicated alumni community.

Partnering with development organisations like The Amathuba Foundation, The Imbeleko Foundation, Mondi South Africa, and Higherlife Foundation Zimbabwe, the first cohort of 15 learners from KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng in South Africa, as well as Harare and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, was carefully selected based on academic, sporting, and cultural achievements, as well as financial need.

Lead Like a Girl represents a collective effort to uplift young women and foster positive change in underserved communities across Africa. Through mentorship, scholarships, the influence of inspiring female patrons, and the establishment of a robust alumni network, our goal with Lead Like a Girl is clear: to provide unwavering support, comprehensive training, and quality education to young girls. We aim to nurture them into formidable future leaders, in turn, empowering them to guide the next generation of young girls as they forge their own unique paths,” says Chairman of The Beast Foundation, Tendai Mtawarira.

Lead Like a Girl aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goals 4, Quality Education, and 5, Gender Equality. Moreover, the UN Women Annual Report highlights the urgent need for accelerated progress, indicating that achieving gender equality could take up to 300 years without the allocation of increased resources. Lead Like a Girl aims to address these challenges by providing opportunities for girls to pursue education, thus contributing to breaking the cycle of poverty and reducing vulnerabilities to issues like child marriages and domestic violence.

“With Lead Like a Girl, we’re not just envisioning a brighter future; we’re actively shaping it. Together, with the support of our partners and the dedication of our team, we’re laying the foundation for a generation of empowered and resilient young women who will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world,” adds Mtawarira.

About The Beast Foundation

Founded and formally incorporated in March 2021, The Beast Foundation is dedicated to transforming communities through sports, education, and effective mentorship. The foundation’s past initiatives include awarding education scholarships, organising rugby boot camp experiences, and providing relief to families affected by floods in KwaZulu-Natal.

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