Tanzanian childrens fund

It is our firm belief that solving just one part of the poverty equation would only leave our community desperate for more instead of propelling them forward.

We are committed to a holistic, community-led solution. We address the challenge of systemic poverty from all sides by providing education, healthcare, economic opportunity, and a home for children. We equip a geographic area, home to 10,000 people, with all the tools and systems that it needs to realize a brighter future.

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We believe…

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…that to provide children with a quality education, they need to be healthy enough to stay inside the classroom.

…that in order to decrease the number of orphaned children, all mothers, even those in the most rural areas, need access to quality medical care.

…that you must provide hardworking adults with economic opportunities in order for their children to advance their educations.

…that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood.

…in a brighter future for Tanzania.

From these beliefs, we have developed a holistic, multi-pronged, and unique approach to solving poverty by attacking its root causes from all sides.


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At the Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV), we are giving children a second chance at childhood by offering them more than just a roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in. We provide a loving forever family and permanent home to over 100 orphaned and marginalized children in a remote corner of northern Tanzania. From the moment each child arrives at RVCV, they are safe, they are loved, they are home.

Raised to be thoughtful, ambitious and passionate, it is our hope that when backed by the unwavering support of their family, our children will become Tanzania’s next generation of leaders. Supporting our children through every step of development until they reach fiscal independence is our responsibility.

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Dedicated to providing our community with the highest quality education, we partnered with the local government to co-manage Gyetighi Primary School in 2007, Oldeani Secondary School in 2013 and Oldeani Primary School in 2022. Serving over 1,700 students, by partnering with the government, we are ensuring that our efforts are community-led, inclusive and sustainable.

We provide resources, employ educators, develop curriculum, renovate classrooms, expand campuses and train teachers to revolutionize the standard of education in order to best serve as many students as possible.

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With the nearest hospital being over three hours away by foot, we have made access to medical care for our community a top priority. At our Rural Community Health Clinic, we provide our catchment area with free, quality and compassionate medical care. Our health team not only serves the 100 children who call RVCV home, but also provides treatment to any community member in need of care, treating over 4,000 patients each year.

For patients requiring more extensive intervention, we facilitate care and cover all medical expenses for over 1,000 patients treated at FAME Medical each year.

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For many generations, seasonal coffee picking was the only employment opportunity for families living in our remote corner of Tanzania, forcing children to grow up in extreme poverty. Our Rifty Economic Advancement Program (REAP) empowers nearly 1,000 community members to support themselves and their families by providing them with the funds, training, and resources needed to launch and operate a small business.

With access to increasing loans, foundational business support, and  programs like our Rift Valley Women’s Group handicrafts initiative, average incomes in our area have more than doubled.

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