Talent Discovery, Empowerment And Leadership

The African Children Talent Discovery Foundation (ACTDF) is an international nonprofit with a mission to empower children, youth and communities in situations of extreme poverty, illiteracy, disease,and social injustice.The African Children Talent Discovery Foundation, founded in the year 2008 is a United Nations Grade-C non-profit organisation which has over the years become renowned across the world for its Humanitarian activities especially in areas of empowering the less privileged.

What We Do

Youth Empowerment

An empowered youth is an embodiment of endless possibilities. We discover their talent early enough, nurture these talents, teach life skills, inspire self-belief, and create economic opportunities thereby empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and unlock their full potentials.

Humanitarian Response

Today, more people than ever are in need of humanitarian assistance due to conflict and disaster. For nearly five decades, ACTDF has supported communities in crisis. Whether human-made, a natural disaster, or a disease outbreak, ACTDF rapidly meets basic needs, inspires resilience, and fosters self-sufficiency for those affected by crisis.


Every child deserves access to qualitative education but the effects of poverty on children can be profound and long-lasting, and the poorest and most vulnerable children are the least likely to access qualitative education. Ensuring quality education is made available to children in remote, impoverished communities is at the heart of ACTDF’s work, enabling these children to grow into active, engaged, and resilient adults capable of navigating shocks and overcoming adversity.

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