African SDG Coalition Corporate Profile

The African Coalition for the Sustainable Development Goals (the “SDG Coalition” or the “the Coalition”) is an Africa regional networking, advocacy, solidarity and capacity building initiative uniting practitioners and key stakeholders for realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in local communities across Africa. Pioneered and administered by the African Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (AFRONGO), the Coalition is becoming an influential international network advocating and seeking practical solutions to end abject poverty and address human suffering and social injustice in Africa. It is comprised of civil society and non-governmental organisations, public institutions and corporations, individual development practitioners and researchers committed to realising sustainable development in local communities across Africa.


With a growing list of over 1,500 active members operating at national, regional and international levels, the Coalition speaks with a unique voice of regional action and global solidarity to end poverty, address social injustices and environmental ills, and promote the standard of living for all.


The Coalition enables civil society and community actors to achieve sustainable community development through providing a dynamic, open discussion platforms to participate in decision making processes that affect their daily social and economic livelihoods, interactions, and the communities in which they inhabit. The Coalition’s works include strategic alliance building and the exchange of communication between members and those concerned with global, regional and local development, and sharing information, best practices, analysis and experiences on the SDGs among its members and other stakeholders at community, national, regional and international levels.


The Coalition’s aim is to improve the performance of member organisations, activists, donors, policy makers and institutional learning through strategic alliance building, networking, training, advocacy and capacity building. The African SDG Coalition, in all its operations, is guided by the principles established in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development’s Political Declaration, the International Bill of Human Rights, and other significant regional and internationally recognised legal instruments.


Our Mission Statement


The Coalition’s principal mission is “to build a strategic alliance of development actors for achieving the sustainable development goals, principles and actions, and promoting ideas that alleviate human poverty and social injustices in local communities across Africa.”


In pursue of this mission, the Coalition institutes in-depth policy analysis, international exchange and advocacy, public-policy debates, and promote civic activism to create and strengthen a stronger linkage between sustainable development, human rights, good and democratic governance, the rule of law, and civil society.


Our Corporate Vision


The Coalition’s corporate vision is “to become an independent regional network of concerned individuals and institutions working together to promote sustainable development in line with universally accepted principles and best practices.”


How to Join the Coalition


To participate in the work of the African SDG Coalition or become a member, kindly complete the online Membership Application by clicking here. Membership in the Coalition is free. Join today and become a member of the regional voice promoting and advocating for the realisation of the SDGs in Africa.

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