Representative from South Africa: If we win against racism, we can win against Islamophobia

“If we win against racism, we can win against Islamophobia,” said Ebrahim Rasool, a representative from South Africa, the former ambassador and the founder of the NGO “World for All”, at a panel discussion titled “A call for global dialogue to encourage tolerance, peace and respect for human rights and religious diversity” within the framework of the international scientific conference on the “Embracing Diversity: Tackling Islamophobia in 2024” held in Baku, 

“Islamophobia has spread, not only in the West, but in the East as well and Muslim minority minorities face prejudice and discrimination. If we win against racism, we can win against Islamophobia. We should not discriminate between victims of racism and Islamophobia. We must treat the residents African continent and the racism they face as our own.”

  • He said that the victims of apartheid, racism and Islamophobia should be treated the same and we should fight together.

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