Real estate firm, NGO tackle bullying in schools

A real estate firm, Mixta Africa, says it has partnered Junior Achievement Nigeria, a non-profit organisation, to fight bullying and by-standing among students.

According to a statement, a webinar against bullying and by-standing, organised by both organisations and hosted by via Zoom and tagged, “Be Kind,” featured over 450 students from secondary schools in Lagos and Abuja.

Lead, Marketing and Communications, Mixta Africa, Ms Onome Umukoro, said bullying had become a major problem with serious consequences for students’ lives and society.

“Growing up, we witnessed a situation where moral instruction which focused on kindness, empathy, compassion, and humanness were taught to children but, sadly, this has stopped, leading to moral decadence, man inhumanity to man, lack of compassion, injustices, corruption, kidnapping and many other social vices.

“It takes a village to train a child, therefore, concerted efforts are needed to address the malaise, one of which is reigniting communal living where every stakeholders get involved in offering solutions.’’

Speaking on the company’s involvements in the anti-bullying campaign, Umukoro noted that bullying could have destructive consequences for young people, adding ‘’it’s not something we have to accept.’’

“As a real estate company, involved in transformational development of cities, building infrastructures, and systems, building communities, it has also become important to build people. The micro-unit of the people is the family and the smallest unit is the child. We are passionate about activities that will impact, empower, build their self-confidence, thereby transforming them to be what they want to be.”

Other high-profile names who spoke at the event included Executive Director, Junior Achievers Nigeria, Mrs. Folusho Gbadamosi; marketing communications consultant and leadership coach, Mrs. Ginikanwa Frank-Durugbor; sound character coach, Mr. David Adegboyega, among others.

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