Executive Director and founder of the NGO, Ms Raissa Sambou emphasised the role of education in shaping a successful life.

She said, “Your education is your most powerful weapon so commit yourself to diligent studying and embrace the opportunities that education provides.”

The forum delved into the importance of maintaining moral integrity, with Ms. Sambou guiding the children away from immoral acts that could jeopardize their future.

Touching on the harsh realities of the world, she highlighted the risks associated with sexual immorality, stressing the importance of staying chaste to protect oneself from incurable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The pupils absorbed these crucial lessons, understanding that their choices today shape the trajectories of their tomorrows.

Ms Sambou urged the pupils to excel academically but were also reminded never to give up on their dreams.

She stressed that no dream was too big and that with unwavering faith, they could overcome any obstacle.

Headmaster of the school, Mr Livingstone expressed gratitude to the TRCPI for the gesture hoping the pupils will take the lessons learned seriously.

The Raissa Child Protection Initiative is a child-centered NGO committed to safeguarding children at every stage of development.

Dedicated to ensuring child safety, the organization also empowers women, fostering an environment where they can effectively care for their young children.

By prioritizing the well-being of both children and women, the non-profit organization strives to create a nurturing and protective space, promoting the holistic development of the younger generation while empowering mothers to be strong caregivers.