Project Empower is empowering the Next Generation through Mentorship

It is true that collaboration is the future of work, and phenomenal results are achieved by teams and individuals when they collaborate. Without a doubt, collaboration can take different forms between team players, organisations, or mentees and mentors. In all cases, different perspectives, varying insights, and remarkable strengths are brought to the table to make the best out of every given task, goal, or situation.

More than anything else, mentorship has the power to leapfrog, energise, inspire, give clarity, sharpen edges and arm mentees with the mindset, drive and skills they need to become a runaway success.

This has informed the thinking behind the establishment of Project Empower, an IHS sustainability initiative poised to advance young entrepreneurs with the skills they need to ply their craft to foster sustainable economic prosperity and sustainable socio-economic development of the host communities in which IHS operates.

Project Empower seeks to bring together 500 young entrepreneurs to receive mentorship from seasoned advisors across Nigeria who have made a mark in their respective fields of endeavour. The entrepreneurs will receive mentorship across ten industries from these advisors, handholding them from end to end to give them a solid pedestal in their respective businesses.

Project Empower promises to groom the next generation of transformational and innovative companies that will make an impact beyond our clime. It’s sure to be the springboard every budding entrepreneur needs to develop and gain a new skill, upskill and scale their business efforts to a place worthy of reckoning.

To avail yourself of this opportunity, visit their website today to get started as an advisor or beneficiary of Project Empower. It promises to be life-changing.

Project Empower is a meeting point for great minds who seek to forge a better society for all by providing innovative solutions for businesses and communities that are transformational.

In ensuring we leverage the expertise and experience from the best of our established minds across Nigeria in different industries, IHS Nigeria is providing this unique opportunity for mentees to tap into the power of mentorship to expand wealth and pioneer innovation for a more sustainable society.

IHS Nigeria remains unflagging in its commitment to the sustainable development of its host communities through its four-pillar sustainability strategy woven around ethics and governance, education and economic growth, environment and climate change, people and communities, tailor-made to suit the needs of local host communities.

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