Platform Capital Hosts Investment Fair For Entrepreneurs And Second Edition Of Its Africa Walk Initiative In Johannesburg, South Africa

Platform Capital, a leading provider of investment and advisory services to global businesses, launched its operations in South Africa in March 2022 to provide strategically driven investments with a focus on developing the untapped potential of the country’s SMME sector. To reiterate its commitment to supporting the start-up community in South Africa, Platform Capital hosted an investment fair for entrepreneurs in the second edition of its Africa Walk initiative.

Africa Walk seeks to bring together international investors and global companies to Africa. The fair aims to provide a unique understanding of the continent’s investment landscape and an unparalleled cultural experience to international investors. This year’s edition features two of Africa’s biggest economies; South Africa and Nigeria.

The Africa Walk Investment fair, held at the Maslow Hotel, brought local companies, investors, policy makers, and academia to share their unique stories with international investors and companies towards building the Africa of the future, in which global best practices are fused with local inputs, thereby creating a truly ‘glo-cal’ future for Africa.

Participating companies included: Solar-fi, Tuma, Elite Career Solutions, Goldman Sachs, MaC Ventures, NVIDIA, SA GOV Jobs, Send Off, Keto Kart, Meant to Bee, Angel Ventures, Summit Africa, Thuma Mina Online, Ubiquous, Zinhle Media and others.

“Following a successful inaugural Africa Walk (Kenya and Nigeria) in 2021, we made the decision to hold this event annually. At Platform Capital, Africa is our center of gravity, and we are obsessed with changing the Africa narrative. As global investors, Africa Walk creates an avenue for our international and African partners to meet, enabling us to drive the conversation and showcase the best of both worlds, thereby moving us towards the fulfillment of our mission.” says Platform Capital Chairman, Dr. Akintoye Akindele.

As a global leader, Platform Capital is well-positioned to play a principal role in the expansion of African businesses to build sustainable and competitive companies that will contribute to the economic growth of Africa.

About Platform Capital

Platform Capital is a growth markets focused, sector agnostic, principal investment, and advisory firm. Platform deploys patient, value accretive capital alongside international and local value investors to create champion businesses with the potential for regional or global scale. We have invested globally into 97 companies (directly and indirectly) across our key verticals, ensuring that sustainability and social responsibility are embedded into the DNA of our companies. Platform Capital is committed to deploying patient, flexible, value accretive capital to create and build great companies that deliver both financial return and measurable impact. Our goal is to help solve the biggest global development challenges by investing capital to support private sector growth and innovation that moves Africa forward, helps change the African narrative, and entrenches gender diversity. We focus on core impact themes that are in line with our investment strategy.

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