Our Programing under Just Economies

Our economy is broken. The absurd levels of wealth exist alongside desperate poverty. Since 2015, the richest 1% has owned more wealth than the rest of the planet. In countries around the world, including Nigeria, a small elite are taking an ever-increasing share of their nation’s income, while hundreds of millions of people are still living without access to clean water and without enough food to feed their families.

Extreme inequality is hurting us all, but it is the poorest people who suffer most – especially women and girls. No matter how hard they work, far too many suffer the indignity of poverty wages and are denied basic rights. In many countries, including Nigeria, a decent education or quality healthcare has become a luxury only the rich can afford.

Through our Just Economies program, we seek to promote food, trade, and market systems to enhance equal opportunities and sustainable incomes for all. Our programs under this pillar are:

  • Livelihoods and Nutrition Empowerment (LINE)
  • PROSELL (Produce and Sell)
  • Work-in-Progress (WiP)

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