NOSL Nourishes Mind And Body With Food Distribution Initiative In Lagos Community

Food is essential to human existence and hunger is a grave and relentless problem that affects communities. It strips individuals of their basic human dignity and impedes their ability to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Hence, addressing the issue of ensuring food availability in communities is essential for improving lives and promoting prosperity.

On December 21, 2023, Natural Oilfield Services Limited (NOSL) organised ‘The Joy of Giving’ initiative in Lagos to provide food supplies to the Shogun Iwaya Community, Yaba, Lagos. Inspired by the spirit of the Yuletide season, the food distribution initiative reflects the true essence of giving back to society and spreading happiness throughout the holiday season.

Dignitaries who graced the event included High Chief Peter Yusuf Ajaguabiade – Clan Head, Shogun, Iwaye Community, Mr. Bamidele James – Chairman, Iwaye Community Development, Chief Mrs. Adeyemi Christiana – Women Leader, Shogun, Iwaye Community, Nurse Mrs. Agosu Olubukola – Lagos State, Ministry of Health, Mrs. Roseline Akogbetan – Secretary, Iwaye Community and Mr. Idowu Segobo – Youth Chairman, Iwaye Community.

During the event, High Chief Peter Yusuf Ajaguabiade – Clan Head, Shogun, Iwaye Community, said, ‘Food is a basic human right, but the communities don’t have access to enough food to meet their wants. Everyone deserves to live a life free from hunger and no family should worry about where their next meal is coming from. Eradication of hunger can be achieved and NOSL has come forward to make a positive and lasting impact on our community.’

Hunger may be silent, but our united voice against it can be deafening. It’s time to reveal the hidden surfaces of hunger, to shed light on this crisis, and to work together to ensure that no one remains hungry.

Mr. Bamidele James – Chairman, Iwaye Community Development, expressed, ‘Hunger is an issue that affects all of us. Feeding the hungry is an act for every individual. Providing nourishing food enhances well-being and empower entities to tackle life’s challenges. We are happy that NOSL are determined to create situations that will let the community to grow well, to lessen hunger and combat aspects of shortage by delivering food items.’

By serving the hungry, NOSL envisions that everyone gets access to healthy food. The whole essence of giving back to the communities is firmly rooted in NOSL’s quest to reducing hunger and opposing malnutrition among the vulnerable communities. The company aims to increase and widen its reach to reinforce that every platter is filled with hope and nourishment.

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