Nigeria: NGOs Call for New Strategies Against Road Crashes

The coordinator and leader of the representatives of the non-governmental organisations and civil society organisations in Nigeria (NGOs/CSOs), Yusuf John Suberu, has harped on how to tackle pre-crash, crash, and post-crash issues in Nigeria and the way forward.

Suberu, in a statement, emphasised that relevant stakeholders in the initiative have been unable to reach the target specified in the first phase of the decade of action.

He stressed the need to galvanize resources in order to actualize the action plans for the second decade of action and its implementation.

In this regard, he said the outcome of the meeting would lead to the adoption of sector-based strategies to address the hydra-headed challenges of road traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths in Nigeria.

Suberu stated that it is noteworthy to indicate that there is a high rate of compromise in the operations of some driving schools.

He said, “As well as the process of issuance of driver’s licenses, which is largely responsible for the low quality of driver education, increased rate of road safety violations, and carnage on Nigerian roads.

“The high number of vehicles on our roads that are not certified as being roadworthy are also being used for commuting everywhere, thereby endangering precious lives and valuable properties.

“The lack of inter-agency cooperation amongst relevant stakeholders (government agencies, NGOs, and CSOs) in post-crash activities, coupled with inadequate funding by the government, has resulted in the decline of effective collaborative activities to bring about the development of the sector.

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