Nigeria INGO Forum Newsletter – Issue 24 (October 2021 – March 2022)

In this edition of the ForumPost, NIF highlights the work of INGOs in peacebuilding and fostering peace in conflict-affected communities. While the edition focuses on the north-east by highlighting the peacebuilding initiatives of International Alert and Plan International, it also takes a departure to highlight what ActionAid Nigeria is doing in the north-central. The edition also features what NIF is doing to strengthen civil institutional capacities in pursuit of the localization agenda through the PLRCAP (Promoting Local Response Capacity and Partnership) initiative, besides giving you an insight on INGOs satisfaction of NIF work.

Find out how International Alert equips women to manage security threats in their community and how Plan International focuses on providing youths with the capacity to become peace advocates in Borno state. On their part, ActionAid Nigeria creatively engages with youth in Nasarawa state to avert recurrences of conflict in one of the communities. Also, read about the impact of NIF’s PLRCAP initiative on its second-year cohort. Finally, look into NIF performance according to its members.

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