NGO urges African govts to involve communities in climate policy

Revamp Rave Network (RRN), an environmental conservation organisation focused on climate change issues, has urged African government bodies to integrate community perspectives into climate change policy-making processes across the continent.

The call came during the Coastal Rural Community Conference on Climate Change, convened by Abimbola Abikoye, the founder of the conference and a prominent figure in environmental advocacy. Held at Immaculate Hall, Maryland, Lagos, the event aimed to strengthen the capacity of coastal communities in climate adaptation and mitigation for better ocean governance.

Abikoye stressed the significance of incorporating local insights into climate change strategies, emphasizing the need for policies that reflect the realities of residents in coastal regions. She underscored the importance of community-driven approaches in crafting sustainable solutions to climate-related challenges.

The conference, attended by over 500 coastal rural women, men, and persons with disabilities from Lagos’ largest fishing communities, sought to accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa. Resolutions formulated during the event will be presented to government representatives at all levels to facilitate comprehensive and sustainable policy development.

Abikoye highlighted the conference’s objective of fostering collaborative frameworks and partnerships to drive positive transformations within rural communities. By promoting dialogue and cooperation, the event aimed to lay the groundwork for initiatives that enhance coastal livelihoods.

Speakers, including Bankole Michael from the Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Wellington O. Omoragbon from the United Nations Information Centre, emphasized the importance of climate change awareness and education.

They urged governments, individuals, and NGOs to intensify efforts in disseminating climate change literacy at the grassroots level and enhancing community capacity for climate adaptation and mitigation.

The event featured dance performances, musical interludes, and group photo sessions, symbolising unity and shared purpose among attendees.

The conference received support from various organisations, including Ocean Justice Africa, the Department of Fisheries (Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, UN Ocean Decade- Early Career Ocean Professional Programme, MushinToTheWorld Foundation, and Lekan Bakare Foundation.

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