NGO unveils project for Ekiti youths on participatory governance

A youth-based non-governmental organization, Inspiration Care and Development Center (ICDC), has unveiled a project for youths in Ekiti state to ensure accountability in leadership and enhance good governance in the state.

The Executive Director of ICDC, Olowolayemo Lawrence spoke during the unveiling of the project tagged #BetaGovernment in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital at the weekend which was supported by Leap Africa and Nigeria Youth Futures Fund.

He explained that the project which would involved series of advocacy, civil engagement and capacity building for youths to enable them engage government and its representatives in the area of project implementation in the interest of the citizens.

Lawrence argued that youths have been identified as a potent drivers of good governance and socio-economic development in any society, hence the need for them to be equipped with the expertise needed to amplify their voices in the state and participate in process of governance.

He clarified that the project would not be for youths to constitute themselves as an opposition to the state government but rather complement the efforts of government in delivering the expected dividends of democracy to the citizens.

The Executive Director said, ” In a time marked by increasing demands for good governance, leadership, and accountability in Nigeria, young people have emerged as passionate advocates for change. The #BetaGovernment initiative aims to amplify youth voices in the pursuit of these crucial values. Our vision is to foster a government that works for all, prioritizing citizen engagement, advocacy, capacity building, tech-driven approaches, and research.

“The grievances expressed during the EndSARS protests were not limited to police brutality but also encompassed broader socio-economic issues such as unemployment, poverty, and inequality among young people. Nigeria with a population 200million where over 60% are under the age of 25, Nigeria’s youth constitute a significant demographic with immense potential to shape the nation’s future.

“However, systemic issues such as unemployment, limited access to education and healthcare, and socio-political marginalization have hindered their ability to thrive and contribute meaningfully to society.

“The establishment of the Nigeria Youth Futures Fund represents a significant step towards addressing the challenges faced by young Nigerians and harnessing their potential for socio-economic development.”

He added that the selected youths would be trained and empowered with the use of technology to monitor and track government projects across the state, “thereby contributing to the overall development and well-being of our community.”

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