NGO raises alarm over increasing rate of out-of-school girls

The NGO said girls’ out-of-school rate was 60 per cent higher than boys, signalling a critical crisis.

Mrs Oyeyemi Pitan, the initiative’s Executive Director, said this to newsmen in commemoration of World Education Day on Thursday in Abuja.

Pitan emphasised that Nigeria had the unfortunate position of having the highest rate of out-of-school children globally.

She stated that beyond statistics, the situation represented unrealised potential, forsaken dreams, and an uncertain future for millions of young Nigerians.

She pointed out that there were specific challenges, including poverty, escalating insecurity, limited access, cultural barriers and substandard education quality.

Highlighting the consequences, she observed that “out-of-school children are more likely to remain trapped in poverty cycles, contribute to vulnerability and recruitment into armed groups, and hinder national development.”

She called for urgent attention to address the deep-rooted gender disparity in education and outlined key commitment to government intervention.

She stressed the importance of research, teacher motivation and the need to address insecurity and collaboration with stakeholders to implement recommendations.

She called for swift action, declaring: “Let World Education Day mark a turning point, committing to ensuring learning for lasting peace and ending insecurity in our nation.”

She emphasised that collective commitment to a better tomorrow would guide today’s choices and urged leaders to act with compassion, foresight and integrity.

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