NGO Gives N15 Million Scholarships to Nigerian Undergraduates

With its Dreamers College Fund Scholarship Program, Dream Rite, a non-governmental organization that offers young people in Africa the chance to secure their future through education and empowerment, recently granted scholarships to fifteen deserving undergraduates attending Nigerian universities.

These monies, which total $1 million for each of the 15 grantees, will be distributed during the course of their study at the higher education institution.

The non-governmental organization announced that fifteen young people had successfully passed the five stringent screening stages after the entrance round, which saw 1870 applications and 420 completed ones. The organization described the Dreamers College Fund scholarship program as more than just an award, describing it as a symphony of dreams performed on the grand stage of education, harmonizing hope, brilliance, and the promise of a bright future.

Olu Efunwoye, the executive director, praised the finalists’ tenacity and intelligence.

“Dream Rite has been at the forefront of transformative initiatives and economic opportunities for the youth across the enchanting landscapes of Africa,” he said, launching an ambitious mission to reimagine education.

“The organization’s multifaceted strategy, which combines empowerment, involvement, and education, acts as a beacon, illuminating the next generation of leaders.

“The Dreamers College Fund scholarship program, which is in its third year running, has developed into a symphony of victories this year, reflecting the heartwarming testimonies of victors whose dreams came true. One such example is

“Starting with the dynamic heart of Nigeria, the Dreamers College Fund scholarship is a lighthouse directing us toward quality education across the African continent. In addition to providing financial assistance, it crafts mentorship programs, preparing the next generation for the complexities of the real world.

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