New Hennops River Litter Catchment System to help reduce pollution flowing into Hartbeespoort Dam

The Hennops River is one of South Africa’s larger river systems. Draining the province of Gauteng, the Hennops meets the Crocodile River which empties into the Hartbeespoort Dam. It is also one of Gauteng’s most polluted rivers.

The Hennops Revival Project coordinator Tarryn Johnston, told a local news outlet that she hoped the catchment would be installed by the end of September this year before the rainy season began.

The litter catchment systems are specially designed to trap large and small pieces of plastic pollution and general waste which is washed into the river systems from stormwater drains or informal settlements, which do not have regular waste removal services.

According to Johnston, the Hennops is plagued by dangerous levels of pollution caused mainly by the dumping of industrial waste by factories and mining activities along the river. Establishing these litter catchments will play an important role in reducing the amount of pollution that the river is subjected to.

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