Mensah Mental Health Rehabilitation Project (MEMHREP), which is an NGO dedicated to addressing the plight and needs of persons living with mental illness and other vulnerabilities in Ghana and beyond launched a program designed specifically to feed, clean, and cloth the aforementioned persons in Ghana.

This maiden social intervention module targeted persons living with mental illness and neglected to sleep on the streets. Mental health professionals and volunteers of the NGO at the launch of the program fed, cleaned and clothed about 1000 persons in Kumasi.

About 500 persons living with mental illness also received medical help in the form of medications, the issuance and renewal of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards.

Students in both public and private schools in the region were also educated on the causes and prevention of mental illness.

Some vulnerable persons such as orphans, widows also benefited from the NGO’s programme. They received assorted food items, cash donations and cloths during the festive period.