Malawian government introduces the “Mental Lab” app developed by NGO Caring Hands and Sparc Systems Limited.

For the debut of the Mental Lab app, which will be used to combat mental disease in Malawi, the Malawian government has praised the Africa branch of Sparc Systems Limited and the non-governmental organization Caring Hands.

On Thursday night, the smartphone app was launched in Lilongwe in a colorful ceremony presided over by Minister of Gender, Community Development, and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati. The noted singer Keturah kept the audience in thrall with her musical performance.

As a non-profit mental health awareness organization called Caring Hands and a technology business called Sparc Systems collaborated on the project, the application was built from scratch and is now available for download.



Individuals dealing with mental health concerns may obtain therapy videos and mental health professionals through the app.

For people in need of mental health help before consulting a therapist, “this application will augment the work of the government in encouraging good mental health,” she added.

Alena Chiwaya, the general manager of Sparc Systems, said her company was thrilled to finally unveil the application that she believes would assist thousands of people to cope with mental diseases.



In various ways, mental health disorders influence people. As a result, this app was created to address the issues that consumers may experience. According to him, this was the most effective strategy to intervene early on in the process.

While millions of people were imprisoned in their homes at the peak of Covid-19, Caring Hands’ co-creator Christine says she came up with the idea to create the app during this time.

Although the epidemic has decreased in intensity and life is returning to normal, she noted that the application was still important since individuals are still battling a spectrum of mental diseases that stem from broken relationships, poverty, and high unemployment levels.

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