Look! New Murals to Fall in Love with in Cape Town 

There are an abundance of new murals to fall in love with in Cape Town thanks to the recent International Public Art Festival where artists from near and far armed themselves with cans of paint and big visions. Take a look at their additions to the City’s street art legacy!

Cape Town, South Africa (12 March 2024) — The 2024 International Public Art Festival (IPAF) recently brought a series of art-appreciating events to Cape Town for people of all ages, leaving behind a legacy of new murals as the festival has done for almost a decade.

For the hosts of the largest street art festival in Africa (NGO BAZ-ART), the 2024 theme ‘CoAct | CoLLab’ brought about a sense of endless opportunities, something that inspired both the artists while they created their new murals and those who look up to their messages of connection, community and action. Last year’s theme, ‘Humanity’ sparked a serious case of awe for all who got to see the works, and this year has followed in 2023’s footsteps with pride.

An international affair, artists came from near and far to put their cans of paint to work—lending their talents to further solidify Cape Town’s reputation as a cultural gem and massive street gallery in its own right.

From De Waterkant to Gardens, the City has an abundance of new murals to be mesmerised by; adding to the beauty of Cape Town’s beating heart, like little reminders of all the beauty that is possible when we work together and care for spaces.

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