Langa NGO invites community to come out and talk about gender-based violence

Malihambe Women’s Outreach (MWO) founder Nosipho Daniels said the idea of facilitating the event was born out of the current gender-based violence and femicide (GBV-F) climate in the local community, which has seen several women and vulnerable persons hurt and killed.

Daniels officially launched her organisation, a victim support outreach NPO, in 2017 in Johannesburg after experiencing intimate partner violence, before moving to Langa.

Daniels told the Cape Argus that she was calling on the broader Langa community to join her at the two-part event on Thursday.

She said: “The idea of dedicating an entire month to women was to recognise and celebrate women, but now it has become a time to shed light on the woes we face daily as vulnerable persons. We are targets at home, work, school – everywhere. And while there are many projects and conversations targeted at raising awareness about GBVF, there can never be enough.

“That’s why I decided to host this event. To not only raise awareness but also reach out to people through different mediums, which is why we will be having the workshop first.

“I experienced GBV within my marriage, and I know some of the thoughts women tell themselves to stay in abusive relationships. In the end, nothing is worth your life, and no one has the right to exert their power and force on another person.

According to Daniels, her two-part event under the theme “Wailing Women” will also have guest speakers from the SAPS and the SANDF.

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