Kinshasa: Students of Lycée 2 and 3 Kasa-Vubu made aware of women’s rightsKasa-VubuKinshasa: Students of Lycée 2 and 3 Kasa-Vubu made aware of women’s rights

These defenders of the women’s cause called on students to abstain from early sexual relations before marriage. Among these entities are non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from France, Belgium, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), including BUKU ASBL, Nyota Africa NGO, and the Network of Women Leaders for Access to Speech (RFLAP).

To demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the promotion of the rights of women and young girls, these three organizations have joined forces to highlight crucial issues concerning women and girls.Stéphanie Boale, president of BUKU ASBL, kicked off the day by raising awareness among the high school girls present on the vital importance of reading for their intellectual development.

With passion and dedication, she highlighted how access to reading can open doors to a more promising future for young women, thus strengthening their independence and empowerment.In parallel, Dominique Nsangolo Nsansi and Grâce Israëlla Kangundu Ngyke, spokesperson for Nyota Africa and president of RFLAP, respectively, vigorously warned against the dangers of early marriage, especially when such unions are contracted at a minor age.

Their impactful speeches underlined the devastating consequences these marriages can have on the lives of young girls, compromising their education, health, and personal development.This united campaign conducted by these three NGOs effectively raised awareness among students and teachers about crucial issues, thereby paving the way for positive and lasting change in the fight for gender equality and the protection of women’s rights.

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