Jaara Technologies is advancing E-Commerce for the Nigerian Youth & Supporting the Future of Small Businesses

Coming into a fast-growing e-commerce ecosystem in Nigeria, Jaraa had to define its entrance by a singular commitment to improving the fortunes of small business owners, providing conditions for more convenient access to visibility, increased sales, and ultimately business growth. Jaraa has continued to innovate its operations to deliver a platform that will provide better conditions for small businesses to thrive thereby, helping to drive the spirit of entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses in Nigeria.

Popularly referred to as market wey make sense, a colloquial expression in Nigeria representing a business transaction that ends eminently satisfactory for both parties, Jaraa looks to keep evolving as that digital marketplace, consistently delivering on the ideal marketplace experience where all transactions are transparent, agreeable and concluded with a smile, both for seller and buyer.

As a strategic corporate intent, the idea to establish Jaraa was birthed from the desire to stimulate the small businesses ecosystem, by providing better conditions for these businesses to onboard with confidence, helping them grow with support. The platform makes this possible through a generically democratized visibility offering that comes for free, amongst other support benefits.

Ultimately, the idea is to provide a secure and seamless marketplace experience for small business owners who remain without the means to own physical spaces for paid visibility, by providing secure a digital equivalent that offers the same potential for free, growth support and the guarantee they can sell unlimited goods and services on those same terms. Also fundamental to the Jaraa experience is ensuring a solid level of security for all business transactions on the platform, presently provided by a world-class security system for optimized user experiences.

For the seller, the Jaraa marketplace is the ideal sales point for business engagement, offering free market visibility, customer acquisition, increased sales, and the assurance of business growth. For the buyer, the Jaraa marketplace is that one-stop digital shop for all legal goods and services in Nigeria, cutting across industries, product ranges, and careers, where the best deals are struck and they leave with the smoothest transactions and happiest results.

In the last few years, small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria have contributed around 48 percent of the country’s GDP, according to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics. They account for around 50 percent of industrial jobs and nearly 90 percent of the manufacturing sector in terms of several businesses, with a total population of around 17.4 million. This emphasizes the notion that SMEs are the backbone of Nigeria’s economy.

Jaraa marketplace looks to be one of the many leading reasons why this growth continues, helping Nigeria achieve its true economic potential, captured in the expansion of its private sector.

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