Inspirational Women in Conservation across Africa

Petronel Nieuwoudt is the founder and chief executive of Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa’s Mpumalanga. Jana Meyer owns Hope for Wildlife Helicopter and is using helicopters in conservation and runs various anti-poaching projects, like flying during rhino darting operations for dehorning.

The Black Mambas anti-poaching unit works tirelessly, in harsh conditions, to protect South Africa’s wildlife. Akashinga is an all-female anti-poaching ranger team protecting the elephants of Zimbabwe.

Paula Kahumbu is the chief executive of WildlifeDirect in Kenya and is also the leader of the Hands Off Our Elephants campaign, combating poaching and engaging the people of Kenya to support the protection of these amazing animals.

An eco-warrior of note, Carmen Jordaan owns Whole Earth Recycling in Johannesburg, which sorts more than 120 tons of recyclable material every month.

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