Increase basic education fund, NGO begs govt

A Non-Governmental Organisation, Golden Little Lights, Lagos, has appealed to the Nigerian government to increase education funds in secondary and primary schools.

While speaking at its Children’s Day celebration held at United African Church Central Primary School, Lagos State, Co-founder of Golden Little Lights, Sharon Ashinze,  said the annual Children’s Day programme was created to celebrate children in the environment and present them with gifts.

‘‘27th of May 2022, also marks our third year official anniversary. In line with the celebration, we call on the government to increase its funding to the primary and secondary education sector. We call on the government to make available quality and free education to every child in the country and lastly, we call on the 11 states yet to domesticate the Child Rights act to do so, as this will go a long way in protecting the Nigerian child.’’

Ashinze added that it was also a day to celebrate and educate underprivileged kids including destitute children, disabled children, orphans, and children of extremely poor parents on their rights according to the Declaration of the Rights of the Child on their special day; Children’s Day.

‘‘The Children’s Day is internationally recognized as the perfect time to remind everyone why we care about children, and what it means to put them first. It is a day to let the future generation have their say. This day was intentionally set out to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide,’ she said.’

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