How Tibu Africa uses sport to transform women’s lives

Founded in 2011 in Morocco, Tibu Africa aims to create genuine pathways to personal and professional success through sport. Programs launched by this NGO have had a major social impact, and managed to reach more than 250,000 participants in 2022, with a focus on girls’ and women’s emancipation and their socio-economic empowerment.

Sport is a true lever for emancipation. It is with this conviction in mind that the Moroccan organization Tibu Africa works to eradicate gender stereotypes and encourage female leadership. Its founding president, Mohamed Amine Zariat, explains, “In 2011, we created the non-profit Tibu Maroc, which uses basketball as an authentic means of education, social inclusion, and human development. Now as Tibu Africa, the organization uses the power of sport to develop innovative and sustainable social solutions in the field of education, empowerment, and socio-economic inclusion for young people and especially women in Morocco and Africa.”

Today the NGO is a major player in social innovation through sport on the African continent. It is present in 40 Moroccan cities and five African capitals. In line with its ambition to become the driving force of sport for development in Africa by 2030, it is committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.Concretely, the organization works on integrated programs focusing on education, socio-economic inclusion, and entrepreneurship for young people and women. Tibu Africa recognizes the critical weight of women’s empowerment. Tibu Africa’s president adds, “Our programs are tailored to the specific needs of communities through in-depth consultations, involving local women in the design process. Our organization also adapts to cultural and social issues to ensure that these women’s empowerment programs are relevant and effective in each context, thereby promoting a lasting impact.” Through its programs, the NGO has, since its creation, set the pace for the daily lives of thousands of young girls, who are empowered and grow through the values these sports promote. It “has been my lifeline. Thanks to basketball, I’ve regained my self-confidence and learned to overcome psychological, cultural, and social barriers,” says Rim, 28, who has now set up a traditional sewing workshop and embodies a new generation of girls taking their destiny into their own hands.
Using sport as a catalyst, the NGO has succeeded in inspiring and freeing these young girls from stereotypes, thereby creating tangible changes in their lives and communities. Credit: Tibu Africa
In 2021, Tibu Africa marked an impressive milestone by reaching over 250,000 participants. The NGO has developed several initiatives, each targeting specific groups with particular needs.
One of the organization’s notable successes is its “Mama Fit” program. Designed to empower women in working-class neighborhoods, this project uses sport as a means of building self-confidence and promoting financial independence. This is achieved through a series of inspiring modules delivered by professional coaches and female athletes, held three times a week, and offering women opportunities that go beyond the sporting arena.Another important initiative by Tibu Africa is the “Strong Girls, Strong World” program. Focused on the emancipation of girls aged 8 to 12 in rural areas, this project aims to break down the sociocultural barriers that limit girls’ access to education and their autonomy. By using sport as a catalyst, the NGO has succeeded in inspiring and freeing these young girls from stereotypes, creating tangible changes in their lives and communities.
Mohamed Amine Zariat, Founding President of Tibu Africa – Credit: Tibu Africa
The organization is also committed to the professional inclusion of girls and women from disadvantaged neighborhoods, aged between 18 and 25, and who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), through its schools for socio-economic inclusion through sport. This innovative program offers training that goes beyond sports skills, preparing young people for promising careers and equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. Today, Tibu Africa can pride itself on being the leading organization in the field of social innovation through sport in Africa. Its tangible impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people reflects its bold vision and ongoing commitment to social transformation.

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